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Property News

Small businesses to get seminar assistance in NT

March 19, 2012

Those considering starting a new business In the Northern Territory may be encouraged by a recent report from the state government.

Free Getting Started in Business seminars are being offered to citizens looking to start up their own company in NT, as well as residents who recently opened the doors to their commercial office property.

Minister for business and employment Delia Lawrie said the bright economic future of the territory presents ample opportunities for those willing to go after them.

She said: "The seminars feature key note speakers from the private and public sectors, giving advice on all facets of starting an enterprise; from programs and assistance to licensing requirements and how to keep your business fresh."

Having been recently rated the 11th best jurisdiction to invest in resource mining by the Canadian-based Fraser Institute, the Northern Territory represents a market of many commercial property investment possibilities.

"The Territory is a can-do place; with the lowest business taxes in Australia and comprehensive support programs, the Territory government is committed to getting small business off the ground," said Ms Lawrie.

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