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Property News

Cool weather property investment

May 14, 2012

As the temperature drops and people start to don their jumpers and ugg-boots, there comes a point where even the hardiest among us begun to reminisce about warmer climes.

On the other hand, as the thermometer starts to struggle for height, others may begin planning for trips that take them straight to the heart of cool-weather entertainment - such as the ski fields in the Snowy Mountains.

Instead of battling against hundreds of other contenders for a place on the powder, an investment property close to the fields can make a great home away from home.

This allows investors to plan out extended trips without having to worry about the availability of accommodation, as they have their very own place to stay after a hard day tracing the slopes.

In addition, when not in use, the residential property can be leased out to other skiing enthusiasts for a premium rate - generating additional income that can be used to supplement next year's trip.

This gives investors a range of options over how they manage their sought-after real estate, allowing it to generate a return over the winter months or making use of its convenient location to enhance their own holiday plans.

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