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Property News

Residential property improvement: Edible backyards

May 28, 2012

When you think of edible plants, neat gardens with rows of vegetables are often the first thing that spring to mind.

But did you know that there are loads of brilliant native plants that you can also eat without formally setting up a garden space?

Throughout the month of June, public libraries across the Sunshine Coast will be holding a series of workshops to illustrate this exact point - titled Backyard Bushfood, they illustrate the types of native plants homeowners can cultivate for an easy, natural garden.

Led by presenters Graeme White and Veronica Cougan - who operate Kenilworth's Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery - the workshop series highlights the natural vegetation that has supported traditional Aboriginal cultures in Queensland for centuries.

Natural bushfood can be cultivated by both residential property owners and commercial growers alike. These native foods - which Witjuti Grub Bushfood Nursery estimates used to total 5,000 different varieties of plants - are now being rediscovered and utilised in a number of contemporary Australian dishes.

The series of presentations is set to get underway on Friday (June 1) at Noosa Library, with other workshops scheduled to take place in Beerwah, Nambour, Maroochydore, Cooroy, Kawana and Caloundra throughout the month - as well as many other locations.

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