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Property News

Cultural projects get go-ahead in Perth

May 22, 2012

Those interested in culture may be interested in relocating to Perth, where a number of arts projects have been given sponsorship by the local council.

Rental properties throughout the city might be in high demand as $64,000 is allocated to 12 different schemes.

Lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi explained that it is important for the council to support a wide range of initiatives, including everything from contemporary dance to poetry.

She continued: "We have a wealth of talent in this city and sometimes all that is required to bring it to the fore, or to grow, is a little financial assistance.

"I hope the people of Perth will share the council's enthusiasm by coming along to enjoy some of the events."

Among the projects to have received funding is Strut Dance, which was granted $11,362 for its Move Me Dance Festival Performance Program scheduled for August and September.

The City of Perth recently supported the opening of a Fair Trade Pop-up Shop, which rented out a commercial retail property in the heart of Carillon City in the CBD.

Property leasing agents have been asked to consider accommodating pop-up stores in the future.


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