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Property News

New improvements to benefit Gold Coast

July 30, 2012

Residential property dwellers in Queensland's Gold Coast will benefit from a range of new improvements announced by the local authority last week.

A total of 27 new capital works projects were listed on July 26 as part of the Gold Coast's capital works program for 2012-13, including footpath and bus stop upgrades.

Paul Taylor, deputy chair of the Gold Coast's Engineering Services Committee, said that the works will benefit locals, as well as the wider community.

He said: "The works, ranging from under $10,000 to more than $100,000, will improve and extend the city’s network of walkways, upgrade access to bus stops and improve traffic flows."

The projects will also ensure that infrastructure in the city keeps pace with its growth, Taylor added.

Disability upgrades, speed bumps and waterways shower updates will also be part of the projects, which will collectively total $1.23 million.

The projects will go to full council for a decision in the first week of August.

Earlier this month, Gold Coast residents were also encouraged to do their part to conserve native bushland habitats with new funding from the council's Nature Conservation Assistance Program.

A total of 13 landholders will receive the first round of funding, which is designed to support natural resource management activities.

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