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Property News

Handy iPhone / iPad apps for property investors

September 04, 2011

Most of us know by now how life-changing a smart device like an iPhone or iPad application or app can be. Here are some apps designed to make life easier for the property investor and landlord.

LJ Hooker App
When it comes to apps for the property investor/landlord, it would be hard to go past the free LJ Hooker app. This app makes it easy to search for new residential, commercial or rural properties, anywhere, anytime. The Sun Locator, bundled with this app, allows users to track the sun's path across a property. You simply hold your iPhone / iPad up to the sun and the App does all the work from there.


Property Checklist App
Marketed as the ultimate ‘open home companion' the Property Checklist app enables investors to gather information electronically - no need for pen and paper. Properties can be added, including the price listed, and it allows you to take a photo to accurately recount the property as well as the agent's contact details. This app also ranks each property based on a score of how many requirements were met.

The Property Depreciation App
Dubbed Australia's first property depreciation app, this free app aims to provide the property investor with an estimate of the likely tax depreciation deductions available on certain properties. It searches for similar properties across its extensive database and creates an estimate based on these actual properties to enable the user to quickly estimate the depreciation on all residential properties. This is the first calculator to draw on real properties to determine an accurate estimate.


Dictionary of Real Estate Terms App
This app costs $1.99 and has over 3000 real estate industry terms, covering every aspect of the real estate industry. Convenient and user friendly, it's sure to come in handy for investors. And there is the free Glossary of Real Estate Terms app also available.


Property Investment Calculator App
This app costs just 99 cents. It is designed to help the user decide if an investment property is a sound investment by examining the exact costs involved with maintaining the property. It calculates purchase price, deposit (if any), interest rates, on-going landlord costs (body corporate, council/government rates, rent expenses; and rent revenue. Figures can be entered in a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly format then view your net gain/net loss for any of those periods.


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