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Property News

Hoop pines to enhance the civic experience in Melbourne

May 28, 2012

The decision has been made by the city council to plant over 30 Hoop Pines in and across Melbourne over the coming months.

According to lord mayor Robert Doyle, the elegant trees - former centrepieces at last year's urban forest Christmas decorations - would be allowed to set root in the capital's Domain to provide shade and to promote the planting of trees on private properties.

Mr Doyle asserted: "Last year people from all over the state came in to see our new Christmas tree display made up of more than 30 beautiful Hoop Pines in the City Square. These Hoop Pines will now flourish permanently as they make their home in our parklands.

"We are committed to planting 30,000 trees over the next ten years in order to double Melbourne's canopy cover and cool the city considerably during hot summers."

Well known for its unpredictable weather, the trees could be a welcome addition to the streetscape currently enjoyed by residential property owners.

A number of the pines will also be made available for planting at civic locations across the city, including Melbourne Zoo, the University of Melbourne, the Victorian College for the Deaf and Albert Park Lake.

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