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Property News

Regional WA broadband on par with metropolitan cities

June 29, 2012

A $39.2 million communications project has regional West Australians enjoying high-speed broadband and increased mobile phone reception.

The Royalties for Regions project has increased reception services across more than 95,000 sq km of the state, with thousands of residents benefiting as a result.

News of the improved services may interest homeowners looking to purchase rural property in the state's mid-west who may have been previously put-off with the lack of services - or for those selling a house in the region, this development could be appealing to prospective buyers.

Mid-west areas of Arrowsmith, Arrowsmith East, Wagoe and Walkaway join a number of other regions across the state which are now receiving improved broadband and mobile services due to the Regional Mobile Communications Project (RMCP).

Science and innovation minister John Day said the construction of mobile towers across 11 West Australian towns had facilitated the improved services.

He explained: "This means you will be able to drive from the South Australian border all the way to Kununurra and experience mobile reception almost all the way.

"People living, working, holidaying and travelling in these areas can now access next generation mobile and internet services that are not only affordable but offer coverage similar to that enjoyed in major cities and town centres."

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