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Property News

Victorian government invests in childhood services

May 30, 2012

Access to excellent childhood services is essential for many families in search of residential properties - and Victoria could soon see a rise in interest from this demographic.

Wendy Lovell, minister for children and early childhood development, revealed that 97 early childhood facilities throughout the state would receive a share of more than $40 million.

She explained just how important it is for children to have access to these services from such a young age, as 95 per cent of their brain development occurs before the age of five.

"A good quality early childhood education will give them a great foundation for their primary, secondary and tertiary education and for their future work life," Ms Lovell commented.

The funding has been put towards a range of projects, with $17.5 million earmarked for establishing 15 integrated children's centres.

In recent weeks, Sherbrooke Children's Centre opened its doors in the town of Upwey, providing child and maternal health services to the local area.

Stage one of the development was officially unveiled, with a community meeting space and toy library set to be launched at a later date.


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