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Property News

Learning more about your property investment options

May 07, 2012

For Australians there are two key sectors of the wealth creation market that seem to have endless appeal - rental properties and the local stock exchange.

These two main markets have some powerful features that help them to stand apart from other investments.

Broadly speaking, both industries are characterised by measurable growth over time - meaning that while markets can fluctuate to different degrees, the long-term view can still result in capital gains.

However, the basic differences between these two forms of wealth creation stem from the timeframes surrounding returns - and the risks posed by waiting for a return.

While shares can offer investors a chance to make same-day decisions regarding their asset allocation, the fluidity of the market can sometimes demand swift responses to manage a portfolio successfully.

On the other hand, the relatively slower nature of sales in residential property means that a more measured response can be applied to industry movements.

However, the choice for wealth creation activities ultimately rests with the investor - many of whom choose to seek out the assistance of qualified professionals before making a decision.

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