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Property News

Sydney households given energy efficiency advice

June 12, 2012

Residential property owners can't help but have noticed their rising electricity bills over recent months, so Sydneysiders have been given a lending hand with some energy efficiency advice.

The City of Sydney held a workshop to explain the simple changes homeowners can make that should help reduce the cost of energy over the winter months.

Tom Belsham, manager of sustainability programs, noted that even lowering the thermostat by one degree C can lower energy costs by as much as ten per cent.

"Simple actions like turning off appliances at the power point, rather than using the remote control which leaves them on standby, can reduce your electricity use by up to ten per cent and save you over $200 a year," he commented.

Mr Belsham also warned against the use of cheap heaters to keep warm - although they may only cost $30, they could add as much as $150 to electricity bills after being used for just four hours a day.

A similar initiative was rolled out in Tasmania, where people in rental property were helped out with identifying where energy savings can be made.


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