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Property News

Managing your residential property investments

April 30, 2012

Having purchased a residential property puts you well on your way to being a successful investor - bit there are still a number of important considerations that need to be addressed.

For example, the whole point of an investment is that over time it generates additional funds - and with real estate, this means finding quality tenants.

This is not always an easy task - stories abound of renters presenting a charming image on paper only to turn around once the lease is signed and disregard the contents of the agreement.

While the majority of tenants are quite agreeable and respectful of their landlords' properties, it can still be a good idea to take precautions.

A professional property management team can provide a range of services that help to ensure both quality tenancy and strong market returns.

With industry training and experience, agents can screen applicants more effectively, ensuring that your premises are treated with the same respect as you would.

In addition these professionals can act on your behalf to rectify any maintenance issues reported by tenants before they become a problem.

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