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Property News

Perth residents receive health care boost

August 09, 2012

West Australians living in residential property in Perth's eastern suburbs will benefit from improved health services in the region.

Construction of the new $360 million Midland Health Campus officially commenced yesterday (August 8), bolstering medical care facilities through the new 307-bed public hospital.

State health minister Kim Hames said the new medical facility would be the first hospital built in the area for more than 50 years.

For property owners looking at selling land in the Midland area, the multimillion dollar development is likely to be an asset for prospective buyers.

Expected to open in 2015, the new campus will offer specialist health services using state-of-the-art modern facilities.

"The design of the facility is patient centred and inpatient wards will have 80 per cent single rooms," Mr Hames explained.

"The campus will have about 1,000 staff and for the first time deliver cancer services, intensive care and high dependency care to the eastern suburbs."

The facility, which will replace the existing 194-bed Swan District Hospital, includes a 60-bed private hospital - further enhancing medical options to residents across the region.

"This is a major part of the reform of WA Health which includes the construction of new and expanded hospitals to meet the state's future health care needs," Mr Hames said.

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