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Property News

Moreton Bay Rail Link to boost transport services

July 12, 2012

Moreton Bay residents will benefit from major infrastructure works - improving public transport in the region.

The Moreton Bay Rail Link will bolster transport services for people in residential property around the area as well as visitors to the popular tourist region.

With a scheduled completion date of 2016, the railway project which will significantly improve access to the Moreton Bay area may appeal to those looking at purchasing an investment property in Queensland.

Work on the $1.147 billion project is expected to begin soon, with joint funding from the Federal and state governments, and Moreton Bay Regional Council.

"This region is growing fast and is currently forced to be largely car-dependent, so it is important that we build sustainable transport options now before traffic becomes untenable," federal minister for infrastructure and transport Anthony Albanese said.

"The Moreton Bay Rail Link is a prime example of all three levels of government coming together to develop the infrastructure required for a region's long term development."

Mr Albanese said work would begin on the road-over-rail bridge at Kinsellas Road East in the coming weeks, with completion by mid-2013.

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