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Property News

Northern Territory residents to benefit from $1.8bn investment

July 23, 2012

Northern Territory residents will benefit from improved power and water services, with a billion infrastructure investment earmarked for the region.

The $1.8 billion project will upgrade the territory's power and water network, boosting local amenities for those in residential property across the region.

As a part of the development, a $6.2 million gas turbine was unveiled at the Katherine power station last week (July 20) - enhancing the area's power capacity by up to 50 per cent.

Territory chief minister Paul Henderson said: "Under our record $1.8 billion program, every single power station across the territory is being upgraded.

"Our investment in power water will ensure the capacity and reliability of the network meets the growing demand required to secure the territory's power supplies into the future."

With more than 1,000 jobs expected to be created by the project, those looking to purchase an investment property may be attracted to the area.

Other works to be included as part of the development are a $5.1 million upgrade of the Katherine Wastewater Treatment Plant, $120 million investment to install to gas turbines at Channel Island, $17 million scheduled for a natural gas power station at Wadeye and $125 million for environmental improvement across the Darwin region.

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