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Property News

Alice Springs CBD plans under public review

October 21, 2011

Plans to revitalise the central business district of Alice Springs are open for public content until November 11 and local leaders are encouraging people to have their say about the proposed developments.

The Alice Springs Revitalisation Project focuses on several upgrades throughout the town's CBD, including the redevelopment of Adelaide House and a renovation of several facilities and amenities along Todd Street.

Plans include an "urban oasis", including more trees and a wider footpath on Todd Street, as well as changes to Todd Mall North.

These improvements, according to Alice Springs Town Council will contributed to stronger pedestrian and retail activity in the area.

Alice Plaza, the largest shopping centre, boasts more than 20 retail outlets.

Shade in particular is likely to be one of the most important improvements for the residents of Alice Springs, which is Australia's most inland town.

Maximum daily temperatures can soar over 40 degrees in the summer months, making shopping centres, swimming pools and the local library popular gathering places on the hottest days.

Any investors considering a commercial or retail property in the area should bear this in mind, as shady areas and air-conditioned facilities are likely to be in high demand. 

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