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Property News

$200m investment for Queensland LNG communities

July 20, 2012

Queenslanders living in residential property around resource regions are set to benefit from a $200 million cash injection for vital services and infrastructure projects.

Jeff Seeney, state deputy premier and minister for state development, infrastructure and planning, said the recent approval of a social impact management plan would provide Gladstone, Maranoa and Western Downs residents with significant social and community benefits.

"The state's LNG industry is on the cusp of a boom that will fundamentally reshape our economy," Mr Seeney said.

"How we manage that boom and the environmental, social and economic impacts will be crucial for generations to come. This plan will ensure local communities have genuine opportunities to share in the project benefits and the social investment will lead to better services and improved infrastructure."

Those looking to purchase an investment property in the resource-rich state may be attracted to the area, which will benefit from increased accommodation and investment into vital infrastructure.

Projects to be funded under the plan include $6.2 million for maritime safety and road upgrades in Gladstone, $15 million for community infrastructure and services and $27.8 million for affordable housing across all three regions.

Mr Seeney said the multimillion dollar development was integral to the support and continued development of regions around the state's booming LNG industry.

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