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Property News

Job ads increase in Northern Territory

February 08, 2012

For Australians looking for the right economic opportunity to try something new, the Northern Territory may hold the solution. 

Recently-released figures by ANZ Bank indicate a 9.1 per cent increase in the number of job ads in the state.

The news comes just a week after the announcement of a $930 million investment into education and the revelation of nation-high expenditure toward health care.

The economy continues to make positive gains in NT and  may make the location ideal for residential property investment.

Territory treasurer Delia Lawrie is confident in the future: "In challenging global conditions, the territory boasts an enviable mix of strong economic growth, low unemployment and the lowest business taxes in the country."

Ms Lawrie also pointed out the strength of the labour demand in relation to the rest of the country, adding that the expected growth would be second only to Queensland for the next five years.

"The message to the rest of the country is clear; the territory is a land of opportunity."

Conditions are favourable for singles, families or even travellers looking for a potential new home.

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