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Property News

Western Australia receives education boost

July 20, 2012

Western Australia's Esperance region will benefit from improved education facilities and services - boosting training opportunities for those who live in rural property around the area.

The state's training and workforce development minister Murray Cowper launched the Goldfields Institute of Technology Esperance Region campus this week (July 18), replacing the former Vocational Training and Education Centre.

The new education facility is now an independent state training provider - enhancing services through increased innovation and competition in the industry.

"The institute will continue to raise the status of training in the region and provide improved opportunities for the community to access training and employment in occupations so desperately needed by local industry such as transport, farming and tourism," Mr Cowper explained.

"A thriving community like the Esperance region needs excellent training facilities to enable a skilled workforce and growing economy."

Those looking to purchase a property investment in a regional area may be interested in the development, which is likely to have a knock-on effect to the region's industries - creating employment opportunities and supporting the local economy.

Mr Cowper said the new training campus would promote opportunities in the region's key industries.

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