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Property News

Light rail to accommodate residents of expanding Darwin

March 08, 2012

When seeking a rental property, potential tenants look for a variety of amenities before making their final decision.

Neighbourhood, facilities and budget all factor in to the decision-making process. Real estate seekers often choose to rent a house or flat that is located close to public transport.

The easier it is to connect from a specific location to the rest of the city for work, study and social purposes, the more likely it is to attract renters.

Fortunately for residents of Darwin, the city will soon be outfitted with commuter light rail.
The Northern Territory capital is set to increase by up to 70,000 people in the next 15 years, according to chief minister Paul Henderson.

He explained in preparation for this expansion the state is planning to ensure they can "accommodate this extra population growth with a world-class public transport network".

The strategy is a long term public transport option outlined as part of the Greater Darwin Plan, and will become economically viable when the city reaches more than 255,000 people.

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