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Property News

Melbourne properties damaged by Christmas hail receive government support

January 12, 2012

Melbournians who had their residential properties damaged by severe hailstorms on Christmas Day 2011 may be relieved to hear that the state government is offering financial assistance.

The minister for emergency management, Robert McClelland, said on January 11 that the damage inflicted by the severe storms would be classified as a natural disaster, allowing households affected to apply for emergency relief.

He said that the storm - which brought hail and flash flooding on December 25 2011 - had affected "a widespread area across Melbourne and have caused extensive damage to personal property".

McClelland asserted: "They could not have come at a worse time, striking just when many households were looking forward to relaxing on Christmas Day with family and friends.

"Both the Commonwealth and Victorian governments are committed to assisting individuals and families affected by the Christmas Day hail and flooding."

Eligible households are able to apply for funds of up to $30,000 through the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements to be used in property repairs, rebuilding efforts and clean-up operations.

The minister took the opportunity to assure those affected that continued support would be available throughout the recovery process.

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