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Property News

How to find the rental you want

March 27, 2012

If you are looking for a unit or flat to rent in New South Wales, you may have had trouble finding a wide selection of available rental properties.

Vacancy rates are generally quite low, especially in the major cities. However, one strategy that may assist you in your search for the perfect rental property is to find exactly what you want the first time - to avoid costly moves and frustrations.

Begin by making a list of must-haves, along with a note of things you are willing to make concessions on to begin the process. Staying firm on three factors in particular will help you out immensely.


Settling on a place that is an hour away from your work simply because it is available will only cause frustration after a few weeks of less sleep and exhausting commutes.


Reaching out of your price range will likely cause stress and financially limit the amount of fun things you can do to recharge your batteries after a long week of work.


If you convince yourself that a tiny little studio will be enough for you and all of your things, you may soon change your mind after the walls start to feel like they are closing in on you.

Finding residential property is not always easy, but an honest list will help you get started.

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