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Property News

WA: Two more reasons to invest in the area

February 10, 2012

Two recent announcements for Western Australia highlight the exciting economic potential for the region.

The Innovation Vouchers Program just opened round two of its state-funded awards, aimed at bolstering commercial innovation in WA.

Meanwhile, the Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF) kicks off this Friday (February 10) and will run straight through until March 3.

These events, combined with the $140.1 billion planned or committed to construction projects, put the spotlight on WA's economic potential.

The commercial and cultural fervour of the area highlight excellent reasons to invest in residential property in the region.  

$245,000 more of state-government funds will go toward the development of the IVP winners' innovations, which will give the economy another boost.

Additionally the PIAF is set to attract over 400,000 visitors with its world-class acts, bringing in tourist funds.

The economic possibilities are endless in the region right now, and even offer residents a chance to have fun.

Tourism minister Kim Hames said: "PIAF’s opening shows are expected to be extraordinary productions of the highest quality that will help attract local, national and international visitation to the festival and the State."

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