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Property News

New overpass to improve traffic conditions in SA

February 27, 2012

When buying a house many factors come in to play. Location, size and proximity to your place of work are all considered when making your final choice on residential property investment.

One factor that may be overlooked, but is nonetheless very important to your daily life, is your transportation route. Traffic, road conditions and upkeep all relate to your commute and safety.

South Australian residents may be pleased to hear of government plans to replace the existing T-intersection between Victor Harbor and Main Roads with a new overpass.

Inhabitants of McLaren Vale and the Fleurieu Peninsula will soon be able to travel to and from Adelaide more safely - and they may find their commuting time improves too.

Kingston MP Amanda Rishworth, along with representing federal infrastructure and transport minister Anthony Albanese and South Australian transport minister Patrick Conlon, said: "Once completed in 2013, the new overpass will significantly improve safety for the almost 28,000 motorists and truck drivers who pass through this junction each day."

Ms Rishworth also noted the project was only part of a federal "$2.4 billion investment in its road, rail and public transport infrastructure".

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