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Property News

New waste and recycling schedule for Sydneysiders

April 11, 2012

Whether you buy or rent residential property in Sydney, part of being a good neighbour is looking out for your community.

This means disposing of your household waste in a thoughtful way - which is why it is important to keep up-to-date with collection dates for standard household rubbish, as well as e-waste.

To help Sydney residents remain in the loop when it comes to recycling and waste disposal, the local council has pledged to distribute a new waste and recycling guide to locals during the month of April.

Lord mayor Clover Moore said: "This guide is one to put on your fridge. It shows in pictures what type of rubbish goes into which bin and the different services the city offers."

She added that anyone who wishes to book a special collection for large household items or unwanted furniture can contact the city and make a request to be included in a weekly pickup.

New figures published last week by the City of Sydney show that in the month of March 2012 alone, Sydneysiders recycled a record 20.22 tonnes of e-waste - which includes electronic items such as television sets, disused mobile phones, printers and old computers.

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