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Property News

NT rural property receives road upgrades

June 01, 2012

Residents of rural property in the Northern Territory are set to benefit from road upgrades after a number of changes were unveiled by the state government.

Those living in Rural Top End have seen enhancements made to Jenkins Road following $19 million in road works.

Chief minister Paul Henderson explained that the improvements will enable people to navigate the area much quicker, which could attract more investment to residential property.

Not only this, but road safety will be enhanced in parts of Rural Top End, providing further allure for anyone interested in moving to the area.

"Jenkins Road will be an important arterial road with the continued growth of Greater Darwin and the future development of Weddell which will be home to more than 50,000 people," Henderson commented.

Families may particularly be attracted to the Northern Territory as a number of schools in the area have received funding through National Partnership Agreements.

More than $7 million worth of funding has been made available in order to improve facilities for children and staff at a number of schools throughout the state.


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