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Property News

Tasmanian first time buyers receive housing boost

July 24, 2012

A new housing scheme introduced by the state government will help Tasmanians realise their dream of buying a house.

State premier Lara Giddings and minister for human services Cassy O'Connor launched the housing initiative last week (July 20), which aims to launch first time buyers into their own property.

In a joint effort with the local government, the Brighton Industrial and Housing Corporation (BIHC) scheme will supply land to build around 400 affordable houses.

Ms Giddings said encouraging and supporting Tasmanians into their first property was a top priority for the state government.

"Guided by the Tasmanian government's residential development strategy, this is about creating homes and communities that people love living in, and a new dawn for social and affordable housing with unprecedented investment in new, affordable homes for Tasmanians," Ms O'Connor said.

Since 2009, 1,400 new affordable and energy-efficient dwellings have been delivered to Tasmania, highlighting the government's commitment to the state's home buyers.

The new housing initiative will also boost the local employment sector, with a $100 million investment in the state's building and construction industry.

"The Tasmanian government's highest priorities are fostering economic development and helping Tasmanians respond to the rising cost of living," Ms Giddings explained.

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