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"Best week EVER!" Insights from our Million Dollar Intern

"Best week EVER!" Insights from our Million Dollar Intern

By Stacey Moseley on Aug 25 2017

It’s the end of week four of my internship, and I feel like the time is going so quickly!

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the annual LJ Hooker Summit on the Gold Coast, and it was a fantastic experience.

From the start, I felt so welcome by the entire LJ Hooker network. I met so many high performing professionals who all took the time to chat, swap stories and offer any assistance in my career. Those offers cemented to me that LJ Hooker is the type of company that I want to be a part of long-term.  

There were many amazing and inspirational guest speakers who, although had different backgrounds, had the same drive, positive and ‘must succeed’ attitude. My standouts were Olympic Cyclist Anna Meares and digital reinvention strategist, Gus Balbontin. They blew me away with their messages and their ability to connect with the entire audience.

This week started with me getting my professional photos taken. I was a bit nervous about the photo shoot then ended up having yet again another fun learning experience.
I then sat down with the LJ Hooker marketing team and WOW! They took the time go through so many different marketing tools that are available from within the network which I thought was fantastic! 
THE BIG NEWS, however, was that yesterday Bill pulled me aside and said: “it’s time”.
I instantly got excited, and Bill doesn’t waste time…ever! So a few minutes later I felt like I had just won my first award at primary school (see photo below as proof)! Bill gave me a patch (real estate speak for suburb) to begin working in!  This to me has been the biggest highlight for yet another fantastic week!

As soon as I got the news, I jumped in my beautiful Audi Q2 Chariot and was off to explore the area (sorry, can’t tell you where yet)! Bill and Sophie (Bill’s executive assistant/right-hand woman and all-round great person) also took the time to help me with my scripts (things to say when you first approach a potential client) and gave me lots of little hints and tips which will help me moving forward.

This is only week four (and my third in the office with Bill) however I have already learned so much my brain could explode!
For someone as busy, and what I believe to be one of the most amazing people in real estate, Bill still puts time aside for me which keeps blowing me away. He takes the time to ask me questions, to explain why he used certain processes and even, reminds me to close my mouth when I stand in awe of the amazing properties he works in every day. I still don’t understand how property in real life can be even more amazing to see in person than in a high definition photo, but I assure you, it can!
I’m well and truly into my internship and my plans moving forward are:
  • Continue to soak up as much work and learnings I can from Bill and Sophie
  • I am also putting a lot of effort into adapting to the different demographics here in Double Bay by going out and meeting as many people as I can
  • Learn everything I can about the patch I have been given to look after (every street, house, shop, café, restaurant, park and everything in between!)
  • I am also going to pick up my fishing rods for my Sunday’s off – Bill has taught me leisure time is important too!
Thanks for following my journey.
LJ Hooker’s Million Dollar Intern
Tahnee Barnes
LJ Hooker Double Bay


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