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Our first home buyers find their dream home

Our first home buyers find their dream home

By Sarah Lefebvre on Aug 22 2017

Last month, when we checked in with Michelle Moore she and her partner Luke were optimistic about their chances of buying....but how did they go?

They had been looking around Cronulla for an apartment, as Michelle asserted location was the most important factor for their home hunt. However, after months of actively searching in the market, Michelle and Luke were both beginning to feel a little over it.

"I guess when we first started looking the market was a lot more competitive and we found that we were going to open homes with a lot of other people, and we just felt a little disheartened," Michelle said.

As you've probably guessed by the title, the tides for Michelle and Luke would soon change. Here is how their real estate journey unravelled:

Love at first sight?

While Luke was away on tour with his band, Michelle found a property online that ticked the boxes, so she went to the inspection with a friend.

"I instantly really liked it, but my friend was like "oh yeah it's alright", she said. "And then Luke was back in town the following week, so I sent him along to the second inspection, thinking that he wouldn't be that fussed about it either, but he really liked it too - it was the first one that we both really felt connected to".

Meant to be

Michelle's good feelings about the property were added to when she found out it was due to go to auction the day before her 30th birthday.

"I just thought the stars are finally aligning;it's a sign, this is the one that we're supposed to get," she said.

Luke was more level-headed than Michelle, in an attempt to prevent her from getting carried away and get her hopes up too much.

On the way to the auction

Michelle and Luke were feeling quite confident as they'd spoken to the agent over the days prior to the auction, and he had said the price feedback was a lot lower than what they had expected.

However, come auction day, it was a different story, as the property was crowded with people everywhere and five registered parties to bid. It was at this stage that Michelle started having doubts.

"Given that it was the first auction that we had actually prepared and registered to bid for, we were thinking that surely we would have to go through this a hundred times because you never get the first one," she said.

Luke and Michelle had already agreed on the way to the auction that their limit was $700,000, and they weren't going to exceed that amount. However, Michelle was wondering about how she could convince Luke to go a further $5,000 when he suddenly turned to her and suggested exactly what she was thinking. Success!

The auction

The auction opened with utter silence. Eventually, Luke broke the hush with the first bid and it begun. It was a slow affair, but the price eventually reached $700,000, with Luke and Michelle holding the lead.

"I couldn't look at Luke, I couldn't look at the other couple, I was just staring straight ahead at the auctioneer and his gavel," Michelle said.

The auctioneer began his processions: "Going once! Going twice! Third call!" But then, another couple bid $705,000 at the last second, and Michelle's heart sank as she realised they were out.

"Before I even had a chance to look at Luke and give him the puppy dog eyes or anything, he just went ahead and bid $710,000," she said.

And that turned out to be enough. As the gavel dropped, Luke and Michelle became the proud owners of their first home!

"Everyone clapped and we kissed, and all these random people came up and shook our hands and congratulated us," Michelle said. "I was thinking what the hell, what happened, did we just get married?"

In our penultimate buyer's journey piece, we will take a look at all that happened after Michelle and Luke purchased their home.

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