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On the path to a sale

On the path to a sale

By Sarah Lefebvre on Oct 01 2016
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What’s the point of having a gorgeous interior if the exterior of your home fails to get buyers through the front door?

The below tips can help you make the most of your home’s street appeal.

Blast away!

Mould and mildew on exterior walls can make a house look derelict.

Water blasting can restore grey exteriors to their original white, injecting new life into its appearance. 

Make others green with envy

A well-kept and green garden is a buyer’s dream. If your garden is suffering from neglect, spend an afternoon with the hedge clippers or lawn-mower. Weed out all those unwanted creepers growing in the cracks and crevices. 


People considering buying a property often drive by before they decide to venture indoors. Often they will drive past in the evening, after work. Outdoor lighting is a perfect way to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your property at night.  

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