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10 Unique Christmas Decorating Ideas

10 Unique Christmas Decorating Ideas

By Sarah Lefebvre on Dec 13 2017

Bring joy to your home and to your wallet by taking a different approach to the way you adorn your home this festive season. Who would have thought burnt out light globes or toilet roll tubes could be transformed into dazzling ornaments?

Instead of buying the same old Christmas decos that you find in every shop why not try making your own using elements that you already have lying around the house. Get the whole family involved and start spreading the Christmas cheer.

Cracker of an idea

Start saving up your toilet rolls to make your own bon bons. To add the snap buy cracker pulls from a craft store and feed one through each toilet paper roll and fill with little presents. Use Christmas paper to wrap up the tubes and secure each end with ribbon. Why not write your own jokes and pop them in, they're bound to be better than the ones you find in store bought crackers.

Grow a Christmas tree

Start using a living tree this Christmas as the one you decorate. Each year it grows a bit bigger and you can pot it into a larger container. When it gets really big you might need a hand trolley to wheel it indoors for the festive season. Alternatively decorate one growing in the garden with ornaments that can withstand the elements and outdoor lights.

Deck the ladder

For a minimalist and unique Christmas tree use an A-frame ladder and decorate with lights, tinsel and decorations. One huge advantage of this 'tree' is it makes it easy to put the start on top.

Light up the night

Use up all those empty jars that are sitting in the cupboard. Add a 20-30mm layer of sand to the bottom of the jars and nestle a tea light or small candle in each. Light them as night falls to edge a pathway, throw gentle light over a table or hang from trees.

Sacks of fun

For a rustic look make Santa stockings from hessian bags sewed together with twine or ribbon. Cut the hessian to the size you want and use a large needle to sew two halves together then attach some festive decorations and names.

Inject some individuality

Paint polystyrene or plastic ball balls with blackboard paint and write names or messages on them in chalk. Use them as place settings for Christmas lunch or include them when giving a gift.

Make colourful cones

Spend an afternoon with the family in the park and collect a bag full of pine cones from the ground. You can spray paint with metallic colours or tie a number together with red and white ribbon for a door hanging.

Going potty

Use small terracotta pots and fill with festive coloured flowering plants such as red and white petunias, bright yellow marigolds and hot pink geraniums. Pot seedlings into a good quality potting mix and don't allow them to dry out. You will have ongoing decoration for months.

A light bulb moment

Rather than throw burnt out light bulbs in the bin, give them a second life as a Christmas decoration. Paint on some craft glue and roll them in glitter then attach a ribbon to the fitting end and hang around your home. As they are glass you want to make sure small children don't get hold of them.

Snack on a deco

Make edible ornaments using a basic gingerbread recipe and use Christmas cookie cutters to create snowmen, stars and trees. Make a hole in the top of each biscuit to thread a ribbon through when cooked. Add some icing for extra colour or simple cool them down and tie them to your Christmas tree.

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