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3 Home Projects to Kick Start the Year

On Jan 09 2015
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Now that the Christmas rush has passed and we begin to recover from the core of the New Year holiday season, you may be finding you still have time to spare. Here are some fantastic home projects to take on around the home to make life easier and prepare you well for the year ahead.

3 Home Projects to Kick Start the Year

January to do list

Out of the Old in with the New

Now that the Christmas rush has passed and we begin to recover from the core of the New Year holiday season, you may be finding you still have time to spare. Whether you're taking an extended break from work or simply have more freedom during your weekends as family members return home after visiting, the summertime is a great period to flex those DIY muscles.

The sun is out, the rain is nowhere to be seen for many parts of the country, and you likely have resolutions to make good on - so why not get stuck in and take on some of these fantastic summer tasks that will make your summer, not to mention your year, all that much easier.



If you received or treated yourself to some stunning new summer clothes over the holiday season, now may be a great time to redo the wardrobe! If you don't want to get rid of too much, simply take out all the winter clothing and store it in suitcases or in spare rooms, if you have the space.

Then you can sort what is left in your cupboard by the type of clothing it is, dress, pants, coats, shirts etc and if you are feeling like going the extra mile you could organize it by colour.  It will make you feel great when you open it up each day and ensure you can find what you are looking for easily.

While you're at it, compile a group of clothes that you simply won't wear anymore - consider selling it, or giving it away to a local charity.


Don't Forget the Kids Cupboards

Many of you who have children and celebrate Christmas will find you have more toys and clothes than you do space.  Now is a great time to go through your children’s cupboards and clear out the clothes that don’t fit them anymore and remove the toys they just don’t play with. 

There are many charities who would love to accept your good quality hand me downs so sort your stuff into a charity pile and a chuck out pile.



A tip I’ve learnt is if you have young children it’s best to do this by yourself and they will not want to get rid of anything making this process challenging, but if you have older children going through it together and working out what charity you want to donate the old items to is a good lesson for kids to learn how their items can help other families.


Don't Put up with a Pesky Pantry

Many food stores can build up over time in your pantry. From Christmas leftovers still uneaten to various homemade condiments gifted by friends and family, to the old products that have remained untouched for months - now is the time to let them all go!



Take everything out, and be ruthless - throw out anything you haven't used recently. Then you can organise the pantry as you see fit, putting baking goods, condiments, breads, canned foods, coffee and the like all in their own section. Consider heading out and purchasing a series of matching containers that you can easily label as well - these can be invaluable when it comes to storing flour, cereal and grain products.  Lining these containers up next to each other looks great and you’ll feel super organized when you open up the pantry door and see a neat and tidy space.

If you made your 2015 resolution to eat healthier, this would also be a good time to stock up on some healthy options.  Make sure you check out our ‘Setting Up Your Whole Food Pantry’ article to help you get started.


Clean up the Computer

While giving your desktop screen a once-over with a cloth will never go astray, we mean much more than just a surface clean with this one. Over time, we can accumulate a lot of unwanted clutter across our computers that could slow down it's performance. By dedicating a few hours to sorting through everything, you can clear out bad photos, programs you never use, and update antivirus software.

As the Australian Government notes in their Stay Smart Online programme, it is important to back up your data - perhaps defragment your hard drive too, which does not take long. Do this while you clear out your digital stores and your computer may run more efficiently - and safely.



If your email inbox is looking a bit clogged up too, try out an app like Unroll - it can help you remove unwanted subscriptions and wake up to a much cleaner inbox every morning.

Once work routines kick back into full swing, you may find you have less time to care for your home. Take on these projects during the summer period, and enjoy a cleaner, more relaxing lifestyle during 2016.


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