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Darren Palmer's Exclusive Bedroom Tips

Darren Palmer's Exclusive Bedroom Tips

By Sarah Lefebvre on Jul 09 2014
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Creating your Dreamy Bedroom

Create Your Own Sanctuary

Bedrooms are all about rest and invoking the right emotional responses.  After a long day of work, the bedroom is the last bastion for some much needed rest and relaxation. Bedrooms for me have always been about tranquillity and a private place to retreat to at the end of the day. Whether it’s the master suite, guest quarters or a kids’ or other small bedroom, good bedroom design is all about two things – creating a restful environment and the right emotional response. Engaging with a buyer’s emotion is key to selling property.  If you know how to create an engaging and emotive bedroom you're adding something valuable to your lifestyle as well as the perception of value of your home. 

Beds and Bedheads

The bed provides the main visual focal point of the room so should be chosen carefully and in proportion to the room’s overall size. Different beds evoke different emotional responses - for example, four post beds or over-bed canopies can add a sense of luxury and old world charm to a room. Similarly, headboards create a variety of effects – luxuriant and modern if upholstered, cottagey and rustic if metal or wrought iron, whereas a wooden bedhead can feel homely or beachy depending on its treatment. 


Colour evokes the most immediate emotional response in a room, so choose soft colours that are easy on the eyes, promote rest and work well with transitional light. These include warm whites, de-saturated pastels or neutral colours, all of which help to bring in light and accentuate the space of a room.

Bold colours can add a lot of personality and drama to a bedroom, but might not appeal to a wider audience of potential buyers. Make your statements luxurious and soft if you want to appeal to the majority of buyers and keep colourful or bold statements contained in cushions, linen and art if you're desperate to make an impact.


Glare or shafts of bright light can interfere with rest, so use black out drapes to enhance your sleep and also create a sense of luxury, romance and privacy. Sheer drapery creates a sense of glamour as well as creating daytime privacy. Drapes can be gathered either side of windows during the day to let in natural light whilst also creating a strong vertical line that gives the sense of height. They also add another opportunity for colour, texture or pattern to be introduced into the room.  If you're looking to create both a long vertical line and bring in light from the outdoors, install or lean a large tall mirror against a wall. It will add to the illusion of space and also doubles as a useful dressing mirror.

More time is generally spent in a bedroom in the evening, so use low lighting to create a warm and intimate environment. The use of dimmers is a great addition, as well as table lamps & floor lamps and well-placed candles to create the sense of ambience. As a general rule, less overhead lighting is better. Look instead at lighting the perimeter, having hanging pendants or task lights either side of the bed and even light the foot of the bed or features and artworks in the room with wall or spot lighting.  Always use bulbs with a warm rather than cold feeling to provide that sense of soft ambience. 

Storage and Space

Bedrooms often end up being the place we store clothing or other personal items to make the rest of the house look presentable. This can cause them to become cluttered and overcrowded, which is taxing on the eyes and the mind. Maintain good traffic and space in the bedroom by creating a clear pathway to the main walkways and entrances such as the bathroom, walk-in wardrobes, the hallway, balcony or outdoors.

Try to minimize clutter through the use of clever storage. High beds provide great storage space underneath, and wall mounted or floating shelves can be used for smaller bedrooms or those that lack adequate storage. A chest or ottoman at the foot of the bed is both stylish and functional, providing a useful space to rest on while dressing and also a place in which to store items like blankets and pillows, or as a clever clothes basket.

Bedding and Fabric

The use of high quality bedding materials is the easiest way you can enhance the sense if luxury and comfort in your bedroom.  Neutral wall or ceiling tones can be brought to life with the use of beautiful, pastel and even bold coloured linen available in the market now. Duvets, pillows and bed runners are another opportunity for colour, texture and pattern. 

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