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10 Ways to Entertain Kids at Home

10 Ways to Entertain Kids at Home

By Sarah Lefebvre on Feb 06 2017

Ten affordable ways to keep your kids busy without having to leave home.

There is plenty on offer for kids every weekend or during the school holidays but it's nice for adults not to have to drag them around from place to place to be entertained. Below are plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained without having to jump in the car and you could have some fun too!

Handball for rainy days

Under cover mark out a square and divide into four using chalk or duct tape. The rules for home handball are basically that players are allowed to handle and throw the ball using their hands but they must not touch the ball with their feet.  Use the same rules of tennis about serving and hitting when playing singles or doubles.

Backyard twister

Lay out a string line to the size of the game you want then use four different colours of line marking spray. If you want to follow the colours of a Twister board start with a vertical row of green then yellow, blue and finally red. Using a 200mm plastic pot with base cut out create the dots by spraying the paint at the bottom. Leave it to dry then get the Twister board spinner and start calling out directions. If you don't have a Twister board just call out random combinations.

Teach them how to climb trees

Choose a medium size tree and check the branches are secure before sending the kids up. Show them where to put their feet and hands climbing slowly and not too high until they feel safe and confident. Stay close to the tree base if they need any help in a hurry.

Scavenger hunt

Get some paper bags and write a list of items likely to be found in backyard or close by then send the kids off to find them. Your list might include a smooth pebble, snail shell, different flowers, different shaped leaves and different size sticks. You are only limited by your imagination and knowledge of the local outdoors.

Balloon dartboard

Blow up a packet of balloons and staple them to some chipboard. If you want to do this for a party you can write numbers on a piece of paper and slip them in the balloon before blowing up then kids can win a prize corresponding to that number. Mark a line where you need to stand and throw a dart at a balloon. Have a closer line where smaller kids can have a turn.

Slip n slide

For a hot day roll out a length of thick plastic and weigh it down with sandbags or something that's not going to hurt if you slide into it. Add a paddling pool at the end to slow down enthusiastic slip n sliders. Pour some environmentally friendly bubble bath onto the plastic, hose down and let the fun begin.

Paper mache piñata

Blow up a balloon and tie it firmly. Mix up one part flour to one part water with a big spoon of salt. Tear up strips of newspaper about 30mm wide then dip them in the flour and water mix and stick on the balloon.  Keep doing this until you have several layers. Let it dry then cut a hole with a Stanley knife and fill with anything you like then seal it up with sticky tape. Let the kids decorate the piñata then hang it from a tree and start bashing away until the loot falls out.

Paint the wall

Choose a wall that you're happy to paint. Mark out a border with painters tape, it can be any size or shape you like. Get some blackboard paint from the hardware store and paint the shape inside the painters tape. Leave to dry and then the kids can have hours of fun drawing with chalk.

Learn to cook

What child doesn't love to cook? Choose some savoury, sweet and healthy options to encourage a love of sensible eating. Let them start by mixing and measuring then putting ingredients in pans or on a try. If baking, grilling, boiling or frying is required, make sure this part is always be done by an adult.

Making movies

With all the great apps available these days get the kids to make a movie. They can spend a whole day thinking up the story, selecting the director and the actors then have hours of fun filming it.  Make up a big batch of popcorn and get the whole family to sit down and watch the production..

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