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2017 pool trends - Courtesy of

2017 pool trends - Courtesy of

By Sarah Lefebvre on Feb 01 2017

Matt Leacy from Landart Landscapes in Sydney explains the latest pool trends to guide your planning if the warm weather has put a pool on your wish list.

1.    Tiling – extreme dark or all-white

“With a complete white tiled pool you get a really natural water colour,” Leacy says.

“A black pool will give you a certain amount of elegance and can sort of act as a reflector. 

”Patterned tiles running along the water’s edge have also seen a resurgence.”

2.    Classic-contemporary

“All the traditional styles are being done in a more contemporary or updated way,” he says.

“In terms of surfaces we’re seeing a lot of finished concrete and grey limestone being used.”

3.    Smaller space options

People dealing with limited space are now opting for a small plunge pool or custom-made bespoke spa.

4.    Mineral water

The traditional salt and chlorine pool is falling out of favour as mineral water pools rise in popularity.

“Mineral water has magnesium-based sanitisers which are more gentle on the skin and can be more low-maintenance, because they require less additives.”

5.    Seamless connections

Rather than having separate zones for outdoor dining, garden and pool, Leacy suggests using functional and visual connections to link the spaces.

Glass fencing is no new trend but remains the number one choice for creating a safe pool area and a seamless connection between the pool and garden.

6.    Wet-edge or infinity

For backyards with level changes, infinity or wet-edge pools are an obvious choice.

For split-level blocks a wet-edge works to connect the space because the spillover can be disguised into the pool itself.

Wet-edge pools are also easier to clean because any leaf litter that accumulates runs straight off the edge and into the lower reservoir.

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