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Retaining ‘tenant appeal’

Retaining ‘tenant appeal’

By Sarah Lefebvre on Feb 27 2017

Owners of investment properties are urged to carry out thorough maintenance of their properties throughout every season, but especially throughout cooler seasons. The coldest of our seasons creates unique challenges which can result in expensive repairs if not treated seriously.

Property owners need to check their properties for damage and undertake any repairs and maintenance before small things become serious issues as weather patterns change.
A common complaint from tenants is the time it takes to get problems fixed.

Inaction may also result in the landlords losing a good tenant at the end of the lease, leaving them with the expense and loss of income associated with finding a replacement.

Landlords should consider:
  • cleaning the gutters and repairing any damaged areas;
  • checking the roof for loose or broken tiles, broken ridge capping or loose flashing.  (It may be nice to watch the rain pouring down outside during a winter storm, but the last thing a tenant wants to see is water dripping off the ceiling);
  • trimming any overgrown or overhanging branches and checking trees for stability, as fallen trees are a common cause of storm damage;
  • securely anchoring garden sheds and making sure fences are stable;
  • securing any awnings and shade cloth;
  • installing a surge protector with an automatic cut out facility. A protector can prevent electrical damage if lightning strikes during an electrical storm and help keep tenants safe.


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