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10 Style Bloggers to Watch in 2015

10 Style Bloggers to Watch in 2015

By Sarah Lefebvre on Mar 16 2015
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Decorating your home can be an arduous task. From floor planning to choosing the perfect colour to getting the light just right, it can be time-consuming and difficult to find inspiration for exactly what you want to do. We thought we could help you by sharing 10 different blogs and bloggers from around the globe that we think are great at finding things that look unique, or have wonderful advice, or are simply a joy to read. Want to find out more? Have a look at our list!

Great style blogs from around the world

Finding Your Inspiration

Decorating your home can be an arduous task. From floor planning to choosing the perfect colour to getting the light just right, it can be time-consuming and difficult to find inspiration for exactly what you want to do. Luckily, we have the whole wide world of the internet at our fingertips these days!

But with so many people giving their two cents about what works and what doesn't for the design of a home, how do you sort out the cream of the crop? Well, here we have 10 different blogs and bloggers from around the internet that we think are great at finding things that look unique, or have wonderful advice, or are simply a joy to read. Want to find out more? Have a look at our list!


1. The Life Creative

A bit over 2 years ago, acclaimed stylist, Chris Carroll created 'The Life Creative', an Australian blog dedicated to helping people live a creative life and enjoy the process of building dream interiors without spending a fortune. 


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We love this site, it’s packed with fantastic decorating tips, great home tours to give you inspiration and simple DIY project that even I can manage.  His articles cover a wide range of topics from ideas for the front garden, to budget kitchen renovation tips and seasonal decorating forecasts. Plus we found the’ Styling your Perfect Bedroom eBook’ a really valuable tool - full of practical styling tips.   This is definitely one to check out.


2. Vintage Revivals

This is a blog to check if you are a fan of the shabby chic style that remains as popular as ever in many homes. If you love the feel of second hand furniture done up right and bringing the past into the future, then make sure to give it a look!


Image Source:

Large-scale DIY projects are the name of the game here, as blogger Mandi details the incredibly creative and fun styles that take over the rooms in her home. With a big focus on making illuminating makeovers as cheap as possible, Vintage Revivals is also handy if you're renovating or decorating on a tight budget!


3. Style by Emily Henderson

"Perfection is boring, let's get weird" reads the mantra at the top of this fantastic blog - and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Image Source:

With a minimalist layout, huge images and an impeccable eye for framing a photograph, this blog is as great to look at as it is to read. Encompassing small DIY projects,huge start-to-finish pieces about kitchen renovations and everything in between, this is a feast of inspiration for the home decorator.

Even better is the occasional 'get the look' segment, which specifies where you can get certain items if they catch your eye while perusing the photos. Thought it couldn't get any more helpful? There's also a 'look for less' set of links for emulate the style, at a fraction of the cost!


4. Coco + Kelley

Founded and managed by Cassandra Lavalle, Coco Kelley encompasses a wider range of topics than some of the other sites so far, but is no less focused on providing only the best ideas for the home. It features detailed profiles of particular rooms set to a theme - one recent post has a luscious Moroccan theme that has to be seen to be believed!


Image Source:

And with further posts on fashion, catering and a specific category for colours, there is a wide breadth of knowledge here for you to enjoy and take in. You'll be in love with Coco Kelley!


5. Hey Natalie Jean

Natalie Holbrook is a published author, mother and excellent blogger, among a thousand other things. Her site is a self-described "love letter from me to my family" and is filled with fantastic links to web content and photos of her house and surrounds in New York, young child and day-to-day lifestyle.


Image Source:

Her 'nesting' tag is essential viewing for colourful tips on better living. It may not teach you how to paint a bathroom in half an hour, but it is a constant source of delight and inspiration that is well worth your time.


6. B for Bonnie Design

When it comes to identifying and documenting the best of minimalist style and colour, brand consultant Bonnie Tsang's blog is where it's at. Her effortless chic and pristine, observant photography will be an unending source of inspiration for anyone looking for fresh ideas on anything from a new colour for the front of their home to how to arrange a side desk.


Image Source:

With tips on food and apps as well, it's also likely to have you wanting to splash out on baked goods and handy Instagram add-ons!


7. Yellow Brick Home

If you're in love with neutral colours then you're going to want to visit this site. A slow and methodical walk through different rooms, all shining pristinely and mesmerising to behold, it's refreshing in it's eye for detail. Just have a look at their recent piece on countertops!


Image Source:

The site is run by Kim and Scott, who are in the process of renovating a fixer-upper in Chicago. Given that their home now looks like a five star hotel, anyone thinking about selling their property will surely pick up some great tips!


8. The Jungalow

Soft lighting, floral tones and a relaxing atmosphere are common themes running throughout Justina Blankeney's work at The Jungalow. Perusing through the posts, you instantly get a sense of her clarity of vision and ability to know when a piece is going to fit into her home.


Image Source:

She also has an excellent eye for ornate second hand pieces of furniture that should give you some great inspiration for decorating a child's bedroom - don't miss it!


9. Crazy Decor

If you're after some inspiration that is well outside the square, then Crazy Decor is for you. This Tumblr-based blog collates a wide range of images of curiously themed rooms from all over the world. From the high-end Hello Kitty themed rooms at the Jeju Lotte Hotel in Japan to toy-filled cubbyholes that are reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli film to space-age decor, there is something for everyone.


Image Source:

10. Addicted 2 Decorating

With over 640,000 followers on her Facebook page, Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating (A2D) has a huge following - and with good reason! In 2007, she began chronicling all of the projects she was undertaking mostly on her own throughout her great 834 square foot condo. There are many posts about taking on small spaces, painting indoor rooms efficiently - almost anything you can think of within your four walls!


Image Source:

Her posts are full of life and attention to detail, and ultimately feel very relatable. While she doesn't do a great deal of interior decorating anymore, the blog continues to turn out quality posts almost every day of the week - definitely one to add to the reader!

Inspiration comes in all forms and shapes, and it's important that you decorate your home the way you want to. However, with so much incredible content being created every single day on the internet, it seems a waste to let all that potential inspiration go to waste, don't you think?

Check out these sites if you are looking for the right touch to add value to a home, to surprise your child, or just to bring your home closer to the dream property you know it can be.


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