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Preparing for cooler conditions

Preparing for cooler conditions

By Ryan Ellem on Mar 01 2017

Australia has just come out of one of the warmest summers on record, and the thought of the mercury dropping off is unthinkable for many centres around the country.

But March does bring autumn and the decline of daylight hours and slightly cooler nights. For green thumbs, this transitional period is a time to prepare for the challenges of winter.

If you aren’t interested in letting your garden hibernate until spring, there are plenty of opportunities to have a visually appealing front or backyard.

Trees which can endure the trials of colder months include maples and liquidambars.

Various maple varieties provide colourful features around yards. The Japanese Maple, in particular, grows in a wide variety of climates, and its leaves turn a brilliant red with orange hues.

Flowering plants which add style and colour include camellias, birds of paradise and rhododendrons.

But if the idea of tending to the garden during the cooler months seems unappealing, use autumn as a time to get the garden ready for the renewal of spring.

Plan ahead and plant flowering bulbs including tulips and daffodils now in readiness for the return of the sun. These plants will use the colder months to sprout under the soil, leaving them ready for the warmth of spring to flower.

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