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Understanding your privacy rights

Understanding your privacy rights

By Sarah Lefebvre on Mar 01 2017

If the landlord or property manager wishes to inspect the property, they must provide seven days’ notice to the tenant. Additionally, to carry out repairs the tenant must be given at least two days’ notice.

Although there are many restrictions as to when a property manager or landlord can enter the tenanted premises, there are specific circumstances that permit their entry without notice. Urgent repairs, an emergency, a tribunal order, if the landlord believes the premises are abandoned or if the tenant agrees to the entry, are just some examples for entering without prior consent.

If you are a tenant and have been provided with proper notice, you cannot refuse access to your landlord or property manager. Fortunately, you are able to negotiate the times that you prefer inspections to take place. For example, in a scenario where the landlord decides to sell the property, inspections will be required through the week and on weekends but the tenant can request times which may be convenient for both parties.

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