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Make your exit trouble free

Make your exit trouble free

By Sarah Lefebvre on Oct 03 2016
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With the end of 2016 approaching, many tenants could be making a move.

If you are intending on exiting your rental, you need to make sure your property is left in the best possible condition to adhere to your tenancy agreement, and retrieve your bond.
But what if you are not sure whether the household maintenance and housekeeping is up to scratch?
How clean, in fact, does the place need to be?
You’ve tried to look after the place as if it was your own… but has that been good enough?
You want everyone to be happy – you, the landlord and your property manager.
Follow the below steps to achieve an amicable end of tenancy.
  • Always maintain open and proactive communication with the property manager;
  • Discuss the final inspection and vacating expectations in advance;
  • If you decide to use professional cleaners, ask your property manager for suggestions. The best time to get in professional cleaners is after your belongings are removed;
  • Make sure your rent is up-to-date;
  • On moving day, be careful of damaging walls, tiles and timber floors when you move large, heavy items. Use blankets to slide rather than drag furniture;
  • Leave the property in at least the same – if not better – condition as when you moved in.

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