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Put dollars back in your pocket

Put dollars back in your pocket

By Sarah Lefebvre on Oct 03 2016

Will 2017 be the year you jump into home ownership or buy an investment? Below are some tips to get that all important deposit together.

Leave the credit card at home. Avoid going shopping just to stave off boredom – try a walk in a park instead. Most of us head to the shops to buy one thing but we are often tempted by the array of items on offer. Always write a shopping list and stick to it. Reward yourself occasionally with a special purchase and cut down on ‘impulse buys’.
Earn some extra money. Let family, friends and neighbours know that you are available to clean, wash cars, walk their pets or baby sit at very special mates rates. Every time you give up little luxuries like the morning cuppa from the coffee shop drop the saved ‘pennies’ into a piggy bank and watch it get fatter.
Save on restaurant bills and be a masterchef at home. Entertain at home and encourage friends to do the same.

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