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Week 9 - How I met and won over an investor

Week 9 - How I met and won over an investor

By Tahnee Barnes on Sep 29 2017

When I first came to Sydney my mission, along with learning everything I could about the real estate industry, was to meet as many new people as possible. After all, I know that a professional is only as good as their network.

So I set myself a task to go to a new suburb and eat out at different restaurants by myself, introducing myself to as many people as I can.

In the second week of my internship, I went to Newtown to grab a bite to eat and found a long line outside of a sushi train and thought, ‘if there is a line to get in, it must be good!’ As I was in the line, and in true ‘Tahnee Barnes fashion’, I started talking to the other customers waiting. It is so easy to meet people if you try to be open and confident, some people will even amaze you. 

After a few short chats with the opening line of “Hi, I am new here…” I was lucky to meet an interesting local woman who I ended up sitting with, having dinner and getting to know. For privacy reasons I won’t use her real name but let’s refer to her as ‘Susan’.

I spoke to Susan about growing up in Crookwell in country NSW and my Military background, and she spoke about her life; she was a professional and extremely accomplished. I was lucky to meet someone so ambitious and interesting straight off the bat. We swapped contact details and kept in touch.

Across our chats, she shared more about her interests, including property investing! It turns out she has a significant property portfolio.

Last week (week 8 of my internship), I received a call from Susan, and to my absolute shock, she informed me that she wanted to sell one of her investment properties currently based in Brisbane. So I listened and tried to understand what she needed, we spoke about her intentions, and she asked for my help with finding the right agent.

I don’t do anything by halves when it comes to people asking for my help, so that night after work I researched as much as I could about the Brisbane market. I contacted other LJ Hooker agents and people that I had met through my time as the Million Dollar Intern, including the LJ Hooker Queensland Regional Manager, Paul Moore and he helped me straight away.

As an aside; that’s been another amazing factor of this internship so far. Bill and Sophie and the team at LJ Hooker Double Bay have been extremely generous with their time but so has the greater network. I’ve met many people who have said “give me a buzz anytime” and they’ve actually meant it!

But back to my story! I spoke with Paul about what I required in an agent for Susan, and I was quite specific in what attributes this person needed to have, and he instantly jumped into action and referred me to an agent.

Now I was unsure whether to include how I made my decision, however, I want to be fully transparent. I contacted three agents from different agencies, including Tina Edwards from LJ Hooker New Farm and started qualifying them as if it was my own property. 

All the agents I spoke with were extremely professional and honest however Tina was a standout, particularly when I considered Susan’s wants and needs (sometimes what suits one, doesn’t suit another). I felt completely positive about putting Susan in touch with Tina.

The next day I set up a meeting with Susan to present my findings and explain why Tina would be my referral. While it might not seem like much, the entire process of helping Susan with her property needs was exhilarating! It was humbling that such a capable professional wanted my assistance and it was a great feeling to be able to help someone that had turned into a friend! I imagine listing and selling real estate will be exactly the same!

During our meeting, and after quite some time discussing her options and strategising so she could get the most out of the sale, Susan caught me off guard when she declared she’d like me to sell her property.

I nearly fell off my chair. 

But she pushed further, asking what techniques and processes I’d use to sell the property. Susan is an accomplished businesswoman, so I knew she wasn’t saying this to be nice or on a whim, she was serious.

And whilst I was blown away, and of course wanted to jump at the opportunity, I quickly put myself aside and explained that my registration is in NSW and that although I would love to be her agent, I was not the person to get the best sale, as I am not familiar with the Brisbane market like the local agents and I wanted the best outcome for her.

On the car trip home, I couldn’t put into words how amazing I felt! It was CRAZY! I can understand now why people say to me that this industry can be very addictive!  I felt like I was wonder woman! Imagine selling a property!

And, after a few more phone calls, guess what? Susan signed with Tina Edwards, from LJ Hooker New Farm and they are now preparing the property for sale.

I guess the reason I’m sharing this story is because it is further proof to me that real estate isn’t just about bricks and mortar, it’s more about helping people. It’s fitting I have ended up at LJ Hooker because our founder Sir Leslie Hooker is famously quoted as saying; “Real Estate is not about houses, it’s about people.”

Yep, he got it.

LJ Hooker’s Million Dollar Intern
Tahnee Barnes
LJ Hooker Double Bay

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