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Week Seven: Tahnee lands two appraisals

Week Seven: Tahnee lands two appraisals

By Tahnee Barnes on Sep 15 2017

Wow Week Seven! Time does fly when you are busy!

Bill’s instructions were to walk, drive and know the streets of the people I would be phoning and then use RP Data to obtain numbers and start calling.

After many calls with little to no result, I went to Bill and asked his thoughts on whether I could put my “Tahnee-ness” in my script. He asked what I had in mind and I was off like a movie star (I had rehearsed what I was planning to say in a mirror before I approached him).

Guess what happened! Firstly Bill agreed! Then, after a few phone calls with a slightly different approach, I was invited into two incredible homes and met their amazing home owners!

On both Wednesday and Saturday I went with Bill and Sophie to their open home in Vaucluse, which was another great opportunity to watch everything they did with the interested buyers who attended.  I also managed to talk Bill into taking a selfie which was a very hard thing to do!

Wednesday was also Breakfast with the Sales Team in Bondi which was great as the amazing apartment I am in is just a short walk away. I may have still driven the Chariot (Audi Q2)….

One learning point Bill had brought up was to “never stop providing a service”. I witnessed Bill go out of his way to help a vendor with a system in their new home  after all processes were finalised and complete. He said “never be too busy to provide a service to past and current vendors. I didn’t have to do that and some agents wouldn’t but you have to”.

The hardest part about this week would have to be narrowing down the places/offices that I’m interested in working at in future.

I am spending my Sundays going to different areas to see where I would like to start putting all of this experience in to play. Bill and I have discussed one area in particular where I might feel at home.

The best part about being the Million Dollar Intern this week is that I have realised that not only my career is going to be incredible and my beautiful Audi Q2 Chariot is amazing, I am also really loving Sydney and the people here!
Thanks for following my journey!
LJ Hooker’s Million Dollar Intern
Tahnee Barnes
LJ Hooker Double Bay


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