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Conserve energy to come out in front

On Jul 02 2012
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With winter upon us now is a good time to think about these winning energy and safety checks around ...

With winter upon us now is a good time to think about these winning energy and safety checks around your property.

The first thing we do during winter is turn up the heat. You want to do this cheaply and effectively, so a main priority is to get a professional to check that your ducted heating is all clean. Years of a build-up of fluff and dirt in the ducts can cause a fire if you are not careful. Also furnace filters need to be changed regularly, and remember to remove all flammable material away from the surrounding area.

If you have an open fireplace, it is important to have the chimney cleaned and swept out to avoid potential fire hazards. Make sure the damper is working efficiently as well. A screen on the top of the chimney will help keep out rodents and other creatures. Also, stock up on firewood and store the chopped wood in a safe, dry place. Remember to keep matches away from young children, and put up the fireplace guard. A common fire hazard is burning logs rolling onto the carpet. Always be vigilant.

Having drapes around big glass windows helps to keep the warmth in and avoid high electricity bills. While you are at it, check the exterior windows and doors of your home for cracks and entry points. Use weather stripping to seal those tiny spaces around the doors and windows to make sure the winter air does not creep inside.

Cleaning the gutters from those pesky autumn leaves is a must, to avoid rain water build up. Installing leaf guard gutters or extensions on the downpipes redirects water from the home. A neglected gutter can end up directing rainwater onto part of the house exterior and rot away the foundation.

Many homes can get rodent visitors over winter, so make sure you seal potential entrances so the mice cannot slip through. If you are putting down bait, make sure it is only within reach of the rodent.


Try going for a long walk or jog. It will not only keep you warm it will also keep you fit and healthy – a small tribute to those Aussie athletes who will keep us all cheering during this year’s action-packed Olympics.


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