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Dual marketing efforts lead to #1 profile

On Mar 01 2016

Office-led initiatives combined with industry-leading marketing support have been credited for ...

Office-led initiatives combined with industry-leading marketing support have been credited for independent survey findings confirming LJ Hooker as Australia’s best known real estate brand.

A recent national Galaxy Research poll focusing on brand awareness found LJ Hooker was the top unprompted choice amongst participants when asked to identify a real estate agency.  
Additionally, 90 percent of respondents in the 2,315 person sample recognised LJ Hooker when prompted.
LJ Hooker CEO Grant Harrod said the survey findings underlined the network’s position in the minds of the marketplace. 
“When our sales agents and property managers meet someone new and say they’re from LJ Hooker, that person instantly knows what line of work they’re in,” he said.
“We compete in a highly fragmented marketplace where competition for market share is fierce. These findings indicate the regional efforts of offices and the national marketing campaigns of Corporate really do break-through to consumers.
“Whether the marketplace is looking to sell, buy, invest or rent, our LJ Hooker sales agents and property managers are at the top of the shopping list and that provides them with the confidence to win listings and managements.”
LJ Hooker’s national marketing initiatives came to prominence in the 1980s with the iconic ‘Nobody Does It Better’ small screen campaign, which has evolved into the current ‘Make Dreams Happen’ television commercial. LJ Hooker also supports its offices with the spectrum of products for local area, campaign, traditional and digital marketing collateral.  
LJ Hooker Head of Marketing Heather Hilton said the marketing collaborations of franchisees from city markets to regional areas were integral to the poll findings.
As part of such franchise-led initiatives, LJ Hooker’s Adelaide-based offices recently committed to branding 20 city buses for the next six months on the back of selling the most properties of any network in South Australia last year.
“LJ Hooker wouldn’t enjoy its brand awareness without the initiatives led by offices either individually or collectively within regions,’’ she said. 
“Whether it’s jointly contributing to regional print advertising, securing naming rights for race days or managing pro-bono auctions for community groups, the office initiatives are organic and display a great connection and understanding of their marketplaces. Our offices understand the importance in being the ‘local real estate agent’ and working for and with the local community they live and work in.”
Mrs Hilton said it was the first time Galaxy Research had managed and reported a poll for the company.
“It’s a comprehensive sample across the dominant demographics, and we’re buoyed by the results,’’ she said.

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