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On Oct 01 2012
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As we pack away our winter woollies it is natural to think about refreshing our homes to leave the ...

As we pack away our winter woollies it is natural to think about refreshing our homes to leave the winter doldrums behind.

As we are feeling very uplifted by LJ Hooker’s newly formed internet partnerships with Juwai in Asia, we thought you might appreciate some of the age-old wisdom.

Feng Shui which has been practiced by the Chinese for centuries and has some wonderful tips to help you enhance your home and lifestyle in spring. Especially if you are thinking of selling during this colourful season.

To energise your home Feng Shui practitioners recommend open windows and fill every room with pleasant noise, like bells or gentle music.

Natural light in every room is also important, so open blinds and draw back heavy curtains.
- Check light bulbs are fresh and use table lamps or subtly scented candles to brighten area. In the bathroom improve ventilation and introduce good natural light. A skylight is an inexpensive option which would serve both these purposes. Large mirrors can also brighten spaces when placed to reflect natural light throughout the home.

Invite life into your home with fresh flowers, pot plants and bowls of fresh fruit in the kitchen.

Clear your home of unnecessary clutter. - Clutter is anything that you don’t use for daily living, or which is draining your energy when you look at it. That could be all the stuff piling up in the spare bedroom, or it might be a kitchen bench full of appliances.

If the job is too big you could just work through the house in three stages. Or get a second opinion from a trusted friend or your LJ Hooker agent:



  1. Find things you want to keep but don’t use for daily living and put them into storage – somewhere out of sight and out of mind, like a shed or rented storage locker. We often have too much furniture for our needs and a spacious feeling room can make a big difference to our state of mind.
  2. Next you can load up the boot and donate some things to your local charity shop.

    If you decide it’s too good to give away but you don’t need it then why not or go to the local swap meet or hold a garage sale. It’s a terrific way to catch up with your local community and to enliven your home with conversation, another element in the Feng Shui arsenal.
  3. If you’re a hoarder it can be hard to hear the words, “throw it out” but if there are still things left after decluttering you are going to have to make a trip to the tip. Just keep in mind how much better you will feel about your new found open spaces.

Now that you have less clutter to deal with, it is time to tackle another important suggestion by Feng Shui practitioners – cleanliness – by giving your home a good Spring Clean. If you are selling, your aim should be to reduce the impact that pets, family and hobbies can have on your re-energised environment. It’s easy not to notice these things in day to day living but there is nothing more off-putting to a buyer than entering a property that feels musty and has stained carpets, dirty windows or smells unpleasant.

To overcome this simply shake out dust from loose furniture covers and rugs and give hard surfaces a good wipe over with oil scented damp cloth. Carpets can be steam cleaned and it is astounding the difference clean windows can make to how bright your home feels.

If dealing with the whole house is too demotivating, attack it room by room. If you have an inspection deadline then keep things simple and focus on the main and living areas. 

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