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How to maximise your property value: painting your home

On May 31 2012
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While it's true that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, many people planning to sell ...

While it's true that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, many people planning to sell their home often underestimate the benefit of a fresh coat of paint.

And while a professional painting job assures you of a clean, long-lasting finish, calling in the experts can be expensive - which is why some property investors choose to save on costs by doing the work themselves.

Painting real estate is time consuming however, and it's important to take your time researching the correct techniques and tools you will need for your particular property. Here are several common mistakes that DIY painters need to be aware of.

Plan ahead, and don't underestimate the size of your job. Mitre 10 recommends one litre of paint for every 14 square metres, with an extra 20 per cent for surfaces that are rough or porous. 

It is important that your paint surface is dry and clean, in order to minimize the danger of peeling. Preparing the surface is a vital step in assuring your paint job will last a lifetime.

Masking surfaces you want to protect with plastic sheeting will save you valuable time and money in the (likely) event of spills or drips.

Make sure you clean your brushes thoroughly after the job, and be sure to dispose of excess paint and paint thinners correctly! Pouring chemicals down the drain is a potential source of pollution, and it's important to keep your entire property clean and tidy for future buyers.

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