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Mid season check-up is good idea

On Oct 01 2012
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With storm warnings and summer rains almost here, this is a good time to check gutters. For ...

With storm warnings and summer rains almost here, this is a good time to check gutters. For landlords this may mean protecting their property by investing in the services of a professional gutter cleaner.

Gutters and down pipes have a tendency to become blocked with the debris of seasons past, and blocked gutters can be the indirect cause of a leaking roof.

Landlords should seek quotes from professional gutter cleaners who can provide an effective service that is carried out in safety, or speak with their property manager about organising for this to occur on their behalf.

Landlords are also advised to periodically service appliances in their investment property.
With the days warming up considerably, tenants are keen to have cooling systems that are working effectively.

This is the time of year when property managers will start hearing from tenants about cooling systems that are not working.

The costs associated with servicing appliances are not only tax deductible, but can also be a relatively inexpensive option compared with complete breakdowns; and if you do have a tradesperson to the property to fix one problem, it is a good idea to have all appliances serviced at the same time, thus resulting in a saving on the ‘call out’.

Equipment relating to the swimming pool also seems to come under a tenant’s increased scrutiny around this time.

A wise landlord will have all pool fencing and security gates carefully checked as well.

It may be a good time to check in with your property manager and talk about what may be timely checks at your investment property.

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