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Queensland farmers to benefit from more water

On Jul 25 2012
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Farmers in far north-west Queensland with rural property will benefit from improved irrigated ...

Farmers in far north-west Queensland with rural property will benefit from improved irrigated agriculture in the region.

The state government announced yesterday (July 24) the initiative to release water from two Gulf of Carpentaria rivers in the state's far north - supporting sustainable irrigation in the region.

Queensland farmers looking at buying land in the state's north may be interested in the development, which will significantly boost this valuable resource.

Minister for natural resources and mines Andrew Cripps, who attended the Northern Outback Irrigators Forum in Hughenden yesterday (July 24), said the water from the Gilbert and Flinders River catchment areas would support the irrigation of up to 10,000 hectares of land.

He commented: "This decision strikes the right balance between economic development and responsible management of our water resources.

"Water licences granted through this process will include conditions to protect existing rights to water and the region's environmental, cultural, tourism and fisheries values."

Under the Gulf Water Resource Plan Area almost 80,000 megalitres of unallocated water is stored in a general reserve at the Flinders River catchment, and 15,000 megalitres is held in the Gilbert River catchment.

State minister for agriculture, fisheries and forestry John McVeigh said the development of sustainable irrigation through the Gulf Water Resource Plan Area was important in unlocking the potential of northern Queensland.

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