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Spring into sprucing up: First impressions count

On Sep 01 2012
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In spring we celebrate renewal and growth, which is why it’s the season that many people ...

In spring we celebrate renewal and growth, which is why it’s the season that many people decide to move and start afresh.

It’s also a time when gardens can look their best and that can make a marked difference in the selling price of your property.

When selling your house it’s important to look at it from a potential buyer’s perspective. A second opinion from your LJ Hooker agent or a landscaping specialist can be helpful.

The question you should ask is:

“Are my gardens and outdoor entertaining areas primed to generate buyer interest at first glance?”

Sprucing up your garden may mean spending a little money but there are several things you can do just by using spring’s renewed vigour:

Make sure your front door and entrance is clear. Freshen up the garden by removing dead plants and weeds. If your lawn has dead areas consider patching it up with seed or roll-on. If watering has been the issue, it is important to know that people today are more conscious of water usage; and also that many buyers prefer the easy maintenance that a watering system can provide.

Nothing says spring like flowers so think about planting some ‘instant colour’ from flowering annuals in garden beds or pots. Mass plantings of single colours make the grandest impression.

The scent and vitality of a kitchen garden is easy to create on your patio or barbecue area by planting herbs in terracotta pots.

You can also use large potted tubs or pots around areas that look drab. Large pots can become ‘focal points’ and these should be strategically placed so they provide an impact when people first enter the area.

If there are various areas in the garden that need an upgrade, then consider planting advanced shrubs rather than smaller plants in these areas.

Ensure that the outdoor entertaining areas are clean and uncluttered. Remove old or broken furniture and toys, and consider using a high pressure water cleaner on hard surfaces. Remove weeds from any tiles or pavers too.

Mulch is magic in transforming garden beds. Make it a thick layer in dark tones to show your garden in its best light. This also provides confidence to prospective buyers that the entire property is well maintained.

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